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Saol Development is dedicated to the development and transformation of individuals, leaders and teams. Offering best in class assessments, coaching, and consulting services to inspire and support the growth and success of individuals and organizations.

The Celtic Maze symbolizes an individuals journey on the long and winding road through life where we all face the same challenging path full of open doors, experiences, learning and obstacles. My mission is to serve my clients by unifying my business background with my passion for the development of individuals and teams. I aim to create a unique coaching and consulting experience which supports and guides my clients through their journey of self improvement, developing greater self awareness and awareness of others so that they can pursue and attain the amazing possibilities in each of their lives.

Why Saol Development?
The word Saol is pronounced "Sail" and is from the Irish Gaelic meaning "Life" or "Lifetime".

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I have worked with Susan on a personal coaching basis and she has helped me enormously with identifying and focusing on the areas that I've wanted to address. Susan has a style of working from both a practical as well as a "core purpose" basis. She is uniquely qualified because she understands the corporate environment so well and the associated opportunities/constraints of that environment, but she also focuses on helping individuals think about their situation from a soul-driven perspective and providing coaching that speaks to a person's underlying desires and motivations. I strongly recommend her for anyone seeking guidance, support, ideas and a fresh way of looking at your life.

Nell E. Schoeler, Vice President
Pittman Development Group, Inc.

Bain Ceol as an Saol