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Transformational Coaching

As a transformational coach I work with individuals on a life changing journey of personal transformation. Together we identify your core values and all the possibilities that will shape your vision and strategy for the future. Using defined coaching processes that are tailored for you the individual, combined with world class assessment tools including Emergenetics and Emotional Intelligence we create your future plan. Through the coaching process you learn self awareness, how to shift perspective, build accountability and how to overcome obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. If you are looking to transform any part of your life including areas such as a career change, seeking a promotion, creating work/life balance then schedule a complimentary consultation and begin the transformational journey!

Coaching sessions are designed to fit your needs! I aim to support your schedule, your learning style and your budget.

  • Complimentary Consultation
    Schedule a complimentary consultation and begin your transformational journey today email Susan McCarthy or call at 303 717 5177
  • 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
    Offered either in person or on the phone, these sessions are ideal for establishing the coaching relationship and working through the coaching journey.
  • One-on-One; Half Day Coaching Session
    In a half day coaching session we explore your psychometric profile and gain a deeper understanding of your thinking and behavioral attributes. We align the profile with your core purpose and we begin the journey to define the vision and path to your future.
  • Can Coaching Make a Difference in Your Life?
    The Answer is, YES!
    The Benefits of Coaching Include:

    • Developing greater self awareness and awareness of others
    • Aligning individual core values with goals and objectives
    • Direct results in transforming an individuals performance
    • Creates personal responsibility and accountability
    • Supports personal learning and development
    • Provides tools and models that the individual can utilize on an ongoing basis
    • Improves specific skills /behaviors or performance issues

    Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation TODAY
    Please email Susan McCarthy or call at 303 717 5177


    With compassion and grace, Susan nudges you to look deeper and sometimes asks you questions which you don't want to answer. She knows that your true self and your current calling are just under the shadows if you are willing to lift the veil of uncertainty and insecurity.

    Lori Rock, Project Manager
    Evolutionary Reiki Master


    Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it...
    – Buddha

    Bain Ceol as an Saol