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What is Emergenetics?

Emergenetics is a psychometric assessment tool based on the latest brain research. The tool provides individuals and teams a new and exciting way to view themselves and others. Each one of us has a unique way of using our brain. The Emergenetics tool maps our individual profile and provides insight and clarity around our key thinking and behavior preferences.

How Can an Emergenetics Assessment Support You or Your Team?

Having greater insight into our thinking and behavior preferences and the thinking and behavior preferences of others can directly promote greater effectiveness both in our work and personal lives. A fundamental tenet of Emergenetics is that we learn to value and work through our strengths. Emergenetics directly supports improved communication the maximization of individual and team productivity, creativity and performance.

Next Steps

Susan McCarthy is a Certified Emergenetics Associate and leverages the Emergenetics tool to support individuals, groups, teams, couples and families. To complete your individual Emergenetics profile or to set up a team workshop please Please email Susan McCarthy or call at 303 717 5177.

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