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I have worked with Susan on a personal coaching basis and she has helped me enormously with identifying and focusing on the areas that I've wanted to address. Susan has a style of working from both a practical as well as a "core purpose" basis. She is uniquely qualified because she understands the corporate environment so well and the associated opportunities/constraints of that environment, but she also focuses on helping individuals think about their situation from a soul-driven perspective and providing coaching that speaks to a person's underlying desires and motivations. I strongly recommend her for anyone seeking guidance, support, ideas and a fresh way of looking at your life.
– Nell E. Schoeler, Vice President, Pittman Development Group, Inc.

I have known Susan for over ten years. During this time I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in my professional development as a result of our association. Susan has a unique combination of a sympathetic ear coupled with keen, practical insights. This combination results in thorough analysis and discussion of the issue at hand along with a clearly identified and practical go forward plan. What I appreciate most in Susan is that she knows when to direct and when to let me self-direct - both resulting in the best possible solution.
– Jeff Monica, Manager, Data Governance, BCD Travel

I have worked with Susan McCarthy for more than a decade as a manager, a mentor and a friend. With compassion and grace, she nudges you to look deeper and sometimes asks you questions which you don't want to answer. She knows that your true self and your current calling are just under the shadows if you are willing to lift the veil of uncertainty and insecurity. Susan's nonjudgmental character and intuition make her a wonderful coach and her passion for your success allows her to be one of your greatest cheerleaders. I urge you to let her help you as she has me.
– Lori Rock, Project Manager, Evolutionary Reiki Master

I first met Susan when I was an IT project manager and she was my manager. I loved working with her on my development plan and goals, she never approached it as an exercise that "had to be done" she was always fully engaged and so I never had to "pretend" with her. Susan encouraged me and each of her team members to be who they were and to bring their special touch and talent to the team. I loved her pragmatism: for each goal I had, she helped me find a clear way to achieve it and measure my progression. She truly helped me with becoming more self-confident in my work and subsequently in my life. After I left the company and I consulted her about my project of becoming a milliner, she just had the exact words that I needed at that time to feel that I was not being just... a MAD hatter! Her encouragements and advises were precious to me. Starting a new business and a new life takes years and it's often frightening; but Susan is always in my thoughts when I need to believe again that I shall pursue my dream.
– Mademoiselle Slassi, Paris, France.

I have known Susan on a professional and personal basis for over five years and I feel very fortunate to have her as a mentor, coach, and company advisor. I highly recommend Susan for your coaching needs whether you are an individual in need of rejuvenating your soul or a corporation looking to motivate, unite, and develop strong teams. Susan McCarthy is truly a unique and special person whom has the ability to inspire and get results.
– Laurie Webb, President, Webb Consulting, Inc.

Over the past 16 years I have partnered with Susan in multiple leadership roles. As a business sponsor I engaged directly with her during several key transformation programs including the successful implementation of a program to transform our European organization to a best in class Pan-European business structure and a program to transform our finance organization by streamlining and standardizing key financial information, systems and processes. Susan also led the IT program management office that developed and implemented the overall company IT strategy and which resulted in reduced cycle times, improved productivity and increased revenues. Susan has a great ability to see the big picture and she instinctively understands how all the parts come together. Her ability to consult at all levels in the organization, build teams and work across functional boundaries has enabled her to be very successful.
– Steve Callas, Finance Director

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